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Intermediate and High School



Our educational vision is to prepare students to be critical thinkers. We inspire them to cultivate their curiosity, imagination, and intellectual inclinations in an interdisciplinary educational model. Our teachers help students to integrate the arts, technology, religion, science, mathematics, and philosophy in their thinking processes.The curriculum of Academia del Perpetuo Socorro is core-standard based, with open-ended, challenging, comprehensive, creative critical thinking throughlines.


Our educational program motivates students to develop inclusive, compassionate, and trusting minds anchored in emotional intelligence and self-management skills.


We are introducing elective courses in the intermediate level such as: Introduction to Italian, Introduction to French, Public Speaking and Leadership and Computer Literacy.


At the High School level, students are working with a multi-focus model and a thinking in writing project.


The demanding curriculum, in which standards, thinking skills, problem solving, technology, religious faith and a global vision of humanity form part of students' holistic education.  



Religion Department

Francisco De los Santos, Department Head

Science Department

Gisela Maldonado, Department Head

Math Department

Juan Carlos Torréns, Department Head

Spanish Department

Francisco Vélez, Department Head

English Department

Wanda Miranda, Department Head

Electives and AP Courses

Information and Media

Ernesto N. Chiesa, Department Head

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History Department

Nayda Gaztambide, Department Head


Roberta Bellin, Department Head

Physical Education

Carlos Rivera, Department Head

Business Department

Educational Technology

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