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APS offers an educational experience that prepares its students to lead and make a difference in the world. Led by the director, in collaboration with the principals, APS expects the continuous and dedicated cooperation of students, parents, teachers, support personnel, and alumni to achieve high scholastic achievement while living and embracing Christian values.


Academia del Perpetuo Socorro, cherishes and embraces the Christian values of love, justice, honesty, respect, and tolerance. These are the building blocks that contribute to develop a family spirit, seeking within our community, parents, faculty, administration, and students a commitment to actively support the evolution of the Catholic character in our students. In order for this to be accomplished, the school expects our parents, who are the first teachers of our students, to be and act as positive models, living ethical, productive, and satisfying lives in harmony with the teachings of the Church, and by actively supporting the efforts of both teachers and administrators in the learning processes of these students.


Teachers and administrators will nurture and strengthen the student’s spiritual, academic, athletic, cultural, and social development process by being integral and progressive role models, so that our students can fulfill their academic potential within an environment where academic excellence is as important as self-respect, self-discipline, service to God and love of work, all these being prerequisites to lifelong learning with pride and integrity in union with God.


APS aspires to prepare students in such a fashion that all their endeavors are enlivened and enlightened by faith, offering the instruction, orientation, activities and counseling necessary to assist them in their holistic formation.


APS chooses to achieve this and all of its goals, by having students encompass and live by the following Core Values:


  • Love – the love for God and all He has created.

  • Justice- universal respect for the human rights of all people

  • Honesty – truth and sincerity

  • Respect - polite regard and consideration

  • Tolerance – acceptance of the differences of others in religion, race, or gender

Core Values


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