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Clubs and Organizations

Elementary School


APS elementary school co-curricular activities program includes about fifteen school clubs in addition to the Student Council and the Athletic Teams. These provide the opportunity to further develop the student’s intellectual and social needs.Some of them sponsor activities or projects which serve as an extension of the classroom experience. Each club moderated by a faculty member who sees to that the organization constitution is observed.

Club Listing 

(Grades 3 Through 6)

Clubs during “D” days are offered from grades third through six.

Each club has approximately fifteen to twenty students.

  • Art

  • Scrapbooking

  • Friendship Bracelet Making

  • Rainbow Loom

  • Rhythmic Dancing

  • Drama Club

  • Sports

  • Board Games


  • Italian Club

  • Sewing

  • Cooking

  • Salsa Dancing

  • Kindle Reading Club

  • Computer

  • Cheerleading

Intermediate and High School


APS offers its intermediate and high school students a vast number of extracurricular activities. Over thirty clubs are available. Students are able to participate in the following areas: technology, sports, visual and performing arts, community service and academia. Many students of these clubs have participated and won significant awards in competitions in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Organization Listing 

(Grades 7 Through 12)

Student Council
  • National Honor Society
  • Jr. Honor Society
  • Honor Academy

Club Listing 

(Grades 7 Through 12)

  • Architecture & Engineering Club

  • Revista Literaria

  • Computer Club

  • Business Club

  • Jr. Missionary Hands Club

  • Science Club

  • Drawing Club

  • Ecology Club

  • “SRA”Reading Club

  • Civic Awareness Club (Pro-Vida)1

  • Missionary Hands Club

  • Geography Club

  • Choir

  • Interactive Technology Club

  • “QUERTY”

  • Jr. Art Club

  • Youth Ministry

  • Helping Hands Club

  • Altar Servers 


  • Music Club

  • Yearbook Club

  • Model of United Nations Club

  • Environmental Impact Club

  • Junior Math Club

  • Law Club

  • Drama Club

  • Senior Art Club

  • Spanish Forensics

  • Psychology Club

  • Senior Math Club

  • Have fun & dance Club

  • French Club

  • Positive Thinking Club

  • Historians Club

  • Italian Club

  • Chess Club

  • Film Club


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