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 Information & Media Services 



Academia del Perpetuo Socorro always has been distinguished by having a vast amount of information resources and technology to support our curriculum and the mission of the school. APS enhances the teaching and learning process by providing access to materials in all formats. These resources include books, magazines, periodicals, databases and DVD’s. Our technological infrastructure is equipped with desktop computers, laptops and tablets. High speed internet access, WiFi, interactive whiteboards, laser printers, color photocopiers and scanners are located in classrooms in grades PK through 12th and in the Library/Media Centers.


At Academia del Perpetuo Socorro are always working to create and design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students.


Information Centers and Computer labs—extensions of the individual classroom experiences. 

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Library Media Center (Elementary School)

Learning Centers (Elementary School)

Digital Learning Center (Intermediate and High School)

Computer Labs (Intermediate and High School)

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Destiny Library Catalog

After you click the search box, type in the search term and hit enter.

Heart of a learning Community

EBSCO Databases

These databases include full-text magazine and newspaper articles and much more.


These databases provide educational content, full text magazine and more in spanish language. 

Gale Cengage Learning

Provide educational content, tools, services and other resources to academic libraries.

Gale Literary Index

Find which Gale literature series include entries on an author.

Grolier Databases

These databases provide online reference sources.

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Links to databases



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