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Perpetuo's Angels


Our Sports department is comprised of fifty-one outstanding teams that belong and participate in both the LAMEPI and the PRHSAA leagues. Our athletes are proud recipients of many local, regional and national awards.


At the elementary level students, both girls and boys from second to sixth grade participate in various tournaments and league games throughout the year. Included are: Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Bowling Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, and Baseball. Students from seventh to twelfth grade also play on these teams at the intermediate and high school level in addition to the golf, and indoor soccer teams.


Every year Academia del Perpetuo Socorro hosts two invitational tournaments,  Volleyball and Basketball Tournaments. As many as one hundred and five teams in eight categories from around the island participate for over four days in our Volleyball Tournaments.


A group of first-rate coaches our athletes in their quest for victory. Lymaris González, Yarelis Rodríguez, Yoliana Cabrera, Juan Albarrán, Luis Aponte and Carlos Rivera are among the coaches who make up our physical education faculty. Estebán Torres, Aracelis Echevarría, Luis Daniel Soto, Francisco de los Santos and Germán Lubary are professionals in other fields who coach our winning team.


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