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The Guidance and Counseling services provide the link between students, faculty, parents, and community in attaining the goal of educating students to live the Christian values at the core of the school’s philosophy which seeks to “provide a Christian environment while offering various positive cognitive and affective experiences to benefit the student”. The Guidance Department personnel offers support in the process by which the individual student develops in an integrated manner with a sense of responsibility and respect towards self and others, becoming a proactive agent in his or her education. The Guidance curriculum is organized according to developmental needs and requirements of students at the different stages or grade levels, but with common cornerstone components (based on ASCA National Standards for Students) and the school’s vision which are: academic development, personal and social development, career planning and college placement, and moral and spiritual development. The Department offers information, administrates(when required) and guides in the interpretation of standardized testing as PIENSE, CAREME, Learn Aid, PSAT, SAT, AP,PNA, SAT subjects tests, TOEFL, ACT and CPT-4. Each counselor is assigned a particular class (2 grades) through their years in school.


Students who visit the guidance office are provided with individual guidance upon provided request or referral and have a private, confidential relationship (within the limits of the law). Crisis intervention, group guidance, prevention information, and education on social issues are all addressed. Group sessions, and individual interviews to guide students in the preliminary selection and personal assessment to final college placement and application for financial aid takes place throughout the year. Electronic guidance network is provided in managing the process of choosing colleges, books, and catalogs, by means of computers that are available to aid in college search. College fairs are held throughout the year on school premises.


APS students have 100% acceptance to top universities among the island and abroad the Guidance Department staff and counseling program is composed of three licensed counselors at the elementary level and three at the high school level. One college advisor, registrar and a secretary are also part of the staff at the high school level. Counselors are members of APCP, ACA and CCA.


Activities: College Guidance assemblies per grade, speakers are coordinated, campus visits, job shadowing, administration and interpretation of career interest inventories; such as CEPA, Harrington O’Shea, are offered. Career Day and college fairs are also coordinated.

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