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Our church Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro was built in 1921. Daily mass and parochial services are provided to the community.


Preschool and Elementary School

There are two buildings that house students from pre-kinder through sixth grade. A total of twenty-one classrooms, four computer learning centers, library/media center with student computer room, two teacher’s room, teacher computer room, science laboratory, cafeteria, administrative offices, guidance office, pastoral office, nurses office, art room, music room, two indoor sports courts, and an auditorium.


Intermediate and High School

The high school building has five floors with twenty classrooms, administrative offices, library/media center with student computer room, two computer learning centers, and assembly room, chemistry, physics, and biology laboratories. The intermediate school building has nine classrooms, art room, music room, science laboratory, home economics room, and music room. The two buildings share a common area with a cafeteria and an indoor sports court.


Health Care Services

We have two certified nurses, one for the elementary school and one for the high school level. They evaluate, protect and promote the health of our students and staff, maintaining a detailed log of visits and medications administered during the day. Parents are encouraged to share all pertinent health issues with the nursing staff.


Digital Learning Center

The Digital Learning Center School Sisters of Notre Dame is a 3,000 square foot space where students and faculty are able to work in a state-of-the-art environment.  The facilities include Wi-Fi access, video conferencing, printing, scanning, and copying devices.


At the entrance there are two touchscreen monitors where students can access the digital catalogue. Two glass enclosed classrooms, at each side of the entrance, act as a digital collaboration and videoconferencing space. The Circulation Desk stores seventeen laptops which may be borrowed by students.


The DLC has modern furniture systems which enables teachers to practice innovative teaching strategies using a variety of technological resources and settings. There are eight study carrels as well as a lounge which fits twenty six students in a more laidback setting. These seats have a USB port as well as an AC adapter. An open space provides for a classroom setup which can accommodate thirty six students as a group or individually.


A collection of 6,610 frequently used books remain in the book stacks, out of which 3,065 are part of the "Colección de Puerto Rico". In the year 2015 the collection will be housed in a refurbished space.



Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms from pre-kinder through twelfth grade, including libraries, art and science classrooms (a total of fifty-five whiteboards). Five teachers are certified by Promethean to teach and train other teachers on the use of their boards. APS has been used as a center for training approximately two hundred teachers from different schools around Puerto Rico on the use of boards.


Every classroom has an intercom system, as well as telephones in order to enable communication between classrooms and the main office in case of an emergency. There are security cameras in place at all entrances and hallways.


The high school has a center dedicated to Technology integration. There, the school community has the chance to work actively with several tools and programs, including the most updated version of Microsoft Office.


As part of the technology integration, the following services are offered: virtual labs, use of (digital) database, application demos and how they are applied to subject matters, conferences, virtual concept maps, animations and videos, WebQuest constructive models, Internet-directed courses, use of controls and electronic boards, virtual manipulative, presentations, digital crossword puzzles, lesson design, among others.


Another computer center in the high school serves students that take elective computer science courses, allowing them to explore other computer programming tools and software.


Our school use Edline which is an integrated communication platform for grades PK through twelfth grade. Wifi is available througout the school.  


There are more than 350 computers distributed throughout different areas, such as centers, libraries, classrooms, teachers' rooms, etc., for use by students and teachers.



Our school has two cafeterias, one for each building. Both provide breakfast, lunch and snacks for students, staff members and parents. Food services operate from 6:30 am until 2:30 pm.


At the elementary school level, students and/or parents may pre-order lunch on a daily or weekly basis. Students may also purchase lunch during the recess period at the cafeteria. At the high school level, students purchase their lunch during the recess period. Students may also bring their lunch from home.


Food Services serving APS are committed to provide a balanced menu that is based on the current Food Pyramid and Daily Nutritional Requirements as suggested by the Department of Health. At the same time, this menu satisfies the needs of students and staff members.


Within the last two years, the cafeteria facilities in both schools have gone through a complete renovation. Physical facilities have been renewed including new food preparation equipment that is energy efficient. The menu has also improved, food is no longer fried and there is greater variety of offerings like: fruits, yogurt, new sandwiches, hot food selection and salads.


Gimnasio Carlos Ruiz

APS has a state of the art indoor air conditioned gymnasium “Home of the Perpetuo Angels”. This facility serves as a setting for physical education classes, intramural, and interscholastic games, tournaments, activities, and general assemblies.

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