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Academia del Perpetuo Socorro is a Catholic college preparatory parochial school, which embraces the Christian values of love, justice, honesty, respect and tolerance as the foundation to develop an atmosphere that strengthens, guides, reinforces and facilitates the learning process. While our institution is conscious that parents are the primary educators of their children, the administration and faculty acknowledge the school’s complementary role of providing for the needs of the students as a sacred and serious obligation.


Our Christian environment promotes varied cognitive and affective experiences. Encouragement is given to each student and teacher to exert themselves in nurturing the spiritual, emotional, social, cultural and physical development as integral components of the academic program. We use multidisciplinary, humanistic and pragmatic approaches through which students gain knowledge according to his/her age and potential.


Our vision is to offer a holistic education based on the person of Jesus Christ. 


Rooted in the Gospel, Academia del Perpetuo Socorro educates with the firm conviction that the world can be changed through the transformation of the person. We understand that to educate means to empower people to reach their ultimate potential as individuals who have been created in the image and likeness of God and to help them to channel their God-given gifts toward the edification of the world.


School Seal

Our school seal was designed by the Class of 1934. Prominent in the seal is a lamp representing not merely wisdom, but Christian learning. The open book under the lamp is a symbol of education. On its pages is the inscription “Esto Perpetua “- “Be Everlasting”- which means that our Christian education should prevail throughout life. Over the book hang two ribbons showing the colors of the school, burgundy - blood of Christ which gives us life - and green - sign of hope. On the right-hand side of the lamp is a star which sheds its rays in all directions. It symbolizes faith and the divine illumination which guides us in all phases of our lives. Around the seal is the name of our school and its location – Miramar, Puerto Rico.

Profile of Graduates

Academia del Perpetuo Socorro provides a Christian environment where “Living life to the fullest,” (John 10:10) in union with God is paramount. Offering varied positive, cognitive, and affective experiences that empower each student to strive and to reach his/her potential through spiritual, moral, sociocultural, intellectual, physical, and professional development. Academia del Perpetuo Socorro aspires to prepare students in such a fashion that all their endeavors are enlivened and enlightened by faith, offering the instruction, orientation, activities and counseling necessary to assist them in their holistic formation. The school chooses to achieve this and all of its goals, by having students encompass and live by the following Core Values: love, justice, honesty, respect, and tolerance. An APS graduate will live by these Core Values throughout his/her life. These are the foundations and competencies which every young person educated in our institution should manifest.

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