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Math Department


The mathematics curriculum is designed to meet all the development needs of students. Teachers encourage class participation and assign special projects that develop leadership skills. Teachers develop their classes in a way that various activities stimulate and motivate students in their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. For example, students participate in group projects which help them develop leadership skills providing them with the opportunity of assuming the responsibility of delegating. The use of games, manipulative materials, drills, projects and problem solving story problems allow students to interact socially and emotionally; at the same time they develop cognitively and physically. Talented students are given the opportunity to take Honors and AP courses offered in levels nine through twelve. The curriculum provide the following opportunities and activities concerning modern communications technologies: Power Point, Internet Video-Math Live-, Edline website, math skills programs, Textbook Web Sites, Mathematics web sites and graphic calculator plus activities such as the Math Bowl, clubs and competitions.


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