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Educational Technology & Computer Labs


APS technology curriculum mission takes into consideration the school mission, philosophy and beliefs and integrates them as part of the school. The technology curriculum has made significant improvements such as the implementation of a computer skills class from the first to eighth grade. APS has implemented Edline online services for an effective communication between students, parents and faculty. APS provides its students an efficient Internet service and online research databases. APS students that excel in an area of technology are challenged with new advanced levels. Some students are guided to an independent study and the teacher becomes a facilitator. APS teachers provide a variety of techniques or assessment tools that develop these opportunities. These assessments, such as projects, debates, presentations, programs and competitions provide the opportunities to work collaboratively, competitively and independently. The social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of students is part of the technology curriculum. APS has implemented policies for the appropriate use of these resources.


Activities:Integration of Technology are given in all classes for every different subject (Computer Lab 301)The Honors Computer class works with programs such as: Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, among othersThe Computer Science class, the students will design webpages, create books, magazines, and Power Point presentations among many.All students take laboratory practice to dominate the use of all programs of Microsoft Office such as: Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Publisher etc.


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