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Business Department


The Business curriculum provides students with the opportunity to acquire interpersonal, leadership and business skills, fundamental for their success in business and also in their personal life. Students are introduced to the basics of personal finance, the decision-making techniques needed to be wise consumers and entrepreneurship, which is essential in our economy. Soft skills are developed through topics on conflict management, interpersonal relations human resource management and public speaking. In addition, study of the markets, selling techniques and exposure through social media are the base for the Marketing course. Development of Non Profit Organizations course opens new horizons to those students interested in learning about emerging entrepreneurial businesses and getting involved in the community. At an Honors level, Economics Honors introduces students to micro and macroeconomic principles that will help them become better citizens. In response to an increase demand for globalization and international relations, students may opt for the new seminar courses on Business Law or International Law Honors where they will learn legal processes by which businesses operate. New offerings for the coming academic year 2014-15 include Entrepreneurship, Business & Personal Finance and Accounting, Leadership & Public Speaking and Analysis of Current Events.


The textbooks have a web site where students can take online exams, practice exercises and research links to other related topics. Students visit the media center to work individually or in groups and learn hard skills such as: Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point to prepare their business projects, marketing brochures and personal resumes. Lecture based classes are interactive where students have the opportunity to express their opinion through debates. Business elective courses are composed of students from 9th -12th grade, creating a dynamic atmosphere where younger classmates learn from their peers at a higher level through class discussions. Students participate and become voluntary members in the Business Club where they can enhance and put to practice their business skills. Updated versions of the textbooks for the courses of Economics, Marketing and Introduction to Business have been acquired.


Activities:Business courses activities include entrepreneurs and diplomats as guest speakers, field trips to governmental entities to interact with Senators and government officials, and business field trips to interview top management executives. Final projects include development of a business plan, development of a non-profit organization, and development of a portfolio. Creativity is encouraged through projects like visual merchandise display design, developing a new product, and designing an ad. Economic students participate in economic competitions island wide.


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