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Electives and AP Courses



Advanced Drawing and Painting I & II

Analysis of Current Events

Applied Music

Art Appreciation I & II

Business & Personal Finance

Business Law

Development of Non for Profit Organizations

Drama- Theater Arts

Drawing I & II

Environmental Science

French I & II


History and Appreciation of Film

Home Arts

Honors Accelerated Trigonometry

Honors Calculus

Honors Computer Science

Honors Economics

Honors Fiction in Science & Literature

Honors French III

Honors Graphic Design

Honors Humanities

Honors International Law

Honors Introduction to Philosophy

Honors Latin American History

Honors Physics

Honors Portuguese III

Honors Pre-Calculus

Honors Scientific Research

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to French

Introduction to Italian

Italian I

Leadership & Public Speaking


Mechanical Drawing

Physical Fitness


Political Science

Portuguese I


Public Speaking & Leadership Training


Spanish Writing Skills

Voice and Repertoire

Writing Skills

Yearbook Editing

AP Courses


AP Art History

AP Biology

AP Calculus

AP Chemistry

AP English

AP European History

AP French IV

AP Psychology

AP Spanish Literature and Culture

AP US History

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