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Spanish Department


The Spanish curriculum addresses the social, emotional ,cognitive, and physical development in students by participating in different teaching/learning experiences like role playing, oral discussions, video presentations, group, library visits, PowerPoint Presentations, individual class work, lectures, research papers, interests researches, student made videos, theme dinners and summer readings. The Department provides opportunities for students to work collaboratively, independently and competitively, by having different activities during the school year like: Archdiocesan Spelling Bee, Semana de la Lengua, reading week, lectures, research projects, oral presentations, debates, group and individual projects, seminars. The students challenge each other to do their best and learn in the process of becoming a whole individual. Teachers listen to proposals, and the students are given the opportunity to work on their ideas, always under supervision. There are clubs, newspapers, drama presentations, trip and fieldtrips for those who wish to participate. Students can communicate and develop ideas, opinions, leadership skills and artistic expression by engaging in these activities. All reading material is carefully evaluated and assigned to the appropriate level. The Spanish department also offers advanced Spanish courses in literature and culture.


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