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Physical Education Department


The Physical Education Department at the intermediate level promotes social interaction among students in order for them to compete in a comfortable environment. They learn sports, recreational activities, and physical fitness. This is all geared to the development of a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.


Students with exceptional skills in the physical education curriculum are recommended to join the different sport teams that represent the school at the Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance. These students receive specialized training in different sports (volleyball, futsal, track and field, basketball, and cross-country). In rhythmic movement and salsa dancing classes, teachers present students with a video explaining the dance and then perform the dance with the video as an example to follow. In physical fitness class, students seek information on the Internet on subjects that the teacher considers relevant to the course such as training periodization, anabolic, and training programming among other activities. At all classes students participate in collaboration with the teacher. During the field day, students participate in a selection of sports and recreational activities to be carried out. Teachers select students as captains for the Field Day, which are responsible for developing and organizing activities in collaboration with teachers. Each student is encouraged to live in harmony, following the Catholic and Christian principles shared by the academic community. The department has increased time schedule for class in the, Kinder, 1st, 2nd and 7th, 8th grade. The department’s teachers belong to the basketball Coaches Association of Puerto Rico, the American Association of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, and the American Volleyball Coaches Association. The new gymnasium offers modern and spacious facilities. The Department of Physical Education has six teachers divided into elementary and high school, making it possible to assign two teachers per class, offering better attention to students.


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