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Science Department


The science curriculum focuses on fundamentals, giving children a confidence with essential concepts and terms. It includes hands-on activities such as laboratories, oral reports, debates, role playing, pathfinders, comic strips, portfolios, science fair and models among others. They also do readings and research to update their scientific knowledge. Students participate in conferences and some field trips to also enrich their scientific knowledge. The curriculum integrates multiple disciplines in order to address the demands of the 21st century science. It also provides for the development of moral and Christian values. These values are instilled in our students through different experiences during the school year. This curriculum has emphasized the cooperative and individual learning techniques. It develops skills in teamwork, real problem solving and communication.


Students compete in local, regional and even International Science Fairs.


During the month of April, we celebrate Earth Week. We make a variety of activities concerning the conservation and protection of the environment.


The science curriculum provides for the following opportunities concerning modern communication technologies such as the use of the Internet, the different multimedia, uses of power point presentations, not only by the students, but also by the teachers and Internet videos. The books are updated and interactive. The sixth grade students will work in modules for the 2014-2015 school year. From third to sixth grade, there has been an introduction to variety of virtual laboratories offered by different companies.


The science curriculum addresses social and emotional levels of development in our students by establishing an environment of respect and wellbeing between teachers and students in each classroom. An important part of the science curriculum is to help students become aware of the world around them and how they should take care of it.


We try to provide students with enough fundamental knowledge so that they can think critically about the world around them and evaluate for themselves the various claims and counter-claims they will encounter in daily life. For this reason we will again, implement a recycle center in the school.


Growth involves change, development means evolution. Science, likewise, is also changing constantly.


The Science Department emphasizes the responsibility  each of our students personally develops towards the environment, an essential part of God’s creation.

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