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School Year Activities



Baptism: In rare cases, a student who has not been baptized asks for the sacrament. They receive the sacrament after receiving the appropriate catechetical preparation.


Reconciliation: When students need it. For the third graders as preparation for their First Communion, for students receiving their Confirmation and during spiritual retreats. 


First Communion: Third Grade Students of other grade levels who have not made it; teachers prepare them if they ask for it.


Confirmation Eleventh/ Twelve Grade: Only students who ask for Confirmation. This sacrament is received when students have decided by themselves they are ready to declare the Catholic faith as the faith they want to embrace for the rest of their lives; it is mandatory that it is received freely and without external pressure.

Celebration of the Mass


For the whole school – Elementary, Middle and High School level:

  1. August / September: start the school year

  2. December: Advent

  3. February/ March: Ash Wednesday - as an opening for the liturgical time of Lent

  4. May: end of school year


Special activities:

  1. All spiritual retreats for grades 7th through 12th have a closing mass.

  2. For teachers and school staff at the beginning of the school year, spiritual retreat closing and other activities.

  3. As the closing of special retreats for the groups preparing for the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. [First Communion – parents and students; Confirmation – parents and godparents.

  4. Mass for the reception of the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.

  5. Ring Ceremony, Pin Ceremony, 8th grade Graduation, 12th grade Graduation.

  6. For the installation of various school groups and clubs

  7. Aguinaldo mass: sponsored by the PTA for school administration, teachers and staff, student groups

  8. Others on special occasions.

School monthly activities for students:


September: Month of the Bible

October: Mission and Rosary Month

November: Month dedicated to our Blessed Carlos Manuel Rodríguez.

December: Advent and Christmas

January: New Beginnings

February: Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary month

March: Month dedicated to the Unborn Child; Lent [depending on the year]

April: Lent [depending on the year] and Sacrament Month

May: Easter, Month dedicated to the Virgin Mary


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