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Music Department


Academia del Perpetuo Socorro offers a music program that meets the needs of the student body. The mission is to educate and share the message of the Catholic faith through music. At the same time, the goal is to shape better human beings and to provide every student, as an individual, with the tools to develop their musical talent. The program provides the means to identify students with talent and a musical inclination in order to allow them to grow from pre-kinder through sixth grade. By the time they begin to seventh grade, students have a useful knowledge base and can continue to flourish throughout middle school and high school. With dynamic classes in which students explore the sounds of instruments and learn about music history. The curriculum is designed to expose students to music and provide ample cultural knowledge. The importance of our roots in the study of our native rhythms, such as Bomba, Plena, Traditional Music, Danza, Salsa, as well as introduce students to the music of the world's great composers.


APS has different groups for students to experiment and live a musical experience, including Kindergarten Glee Club, Elementary School Glee Club, Concert Chorus, Fourth and Fifth Grade Flute Choir. Also, at the elementary school level there is the Stomp and Boomwhackers Club, which is a fun way for students to become aware of the importance of recycling creating instruments out of recycled materials.


Some of the events traditionally celebrated each year are: Puerto Rican Night, the Christmas Concert, Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, Third Grade First Communion Masses, Community concerts, the Spring Concert and Week of the Arts.


At the Afterschool program includes the Welcome to Music series, which offers group classes for children from pre-kinder through sixth grade, as well as individual classes about different instruments, such as guitar, piano, flute, saxophone and percussion.


The program is to be enhanced with the best of resources so that our students continue enjoying the school’s facilities and taking classes to learn to play their favorite instruments. A pilot band program at school is among future plans to develop.

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