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Mons. José Emilio Cummings 

Elementary School

                Administrative Staff 

Srta. Sarah Vázquez

Principal PPK-PK-K

Sarah Vázquez, graduate of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico where she completed her baccalaureate studies in Psychology and Elementary Education. She has also completed a master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Supervision and Administration.

Sarah joined APS in 1983 as a teacher and member of the founding team of APS’ Kindergarten. She has also served as Dean of Students, school counselor, and vice principal of APS.

The experience of having worked in these areas has helped Sarah gain a more complete vision of APS. She has always worked in collaboration with the administration as well as the faculty and staff in order to live up to her motto: “Working together to reach our goals for the benefit of our students and APS.”


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Sra. Jeannette Sánchez

Principal Grades 1st thru 6th

Jeannette M. Sánchez studied at the University of Massachusetts and University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. She completed her Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Elementary and High School Administration. Jeannette has worked as a Professor at the University of Puerto Rico and has also worked at the Department of Education of Puerto Rico.

She joined APS in 1999 as a consultant in the curriculum.  In 2001 she began as an elementary school Spanish teacher.  She has also been the moderator for the Elementary School Student Council.

In 2016 Mrs. Sánchez was appointed as Elementary school Principal for the grades 1st thru 6th. Her love and passion for education come from her mother, as Mrs. Jeannette says.

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Intermediate and High School

                                                                      Administrative Staff 

Mrs. Enid Y. Pereira

Intermediate & High School Principal

Enid Y. Pereira, graduate of University of PR Cayey campus where she completed a baccalaureates studies in Science.  She also completed a master’s degree in Education with a concentration Supervision and Administration from UMET.

Enid joined APS Science department in 1988 as Physical Science and Chemistry teacher.  She has worked as Chairperson for the 2009 and 2016 Middle States Association evaluations.

In May 2016 Mrs. Pereira was appointed to the position of Associate Vice-Principal for the grades 10th thru 12th grade.  In July 2017 Mrs. Pereira was appointed as the Principal for the Intermediate & High Schools.

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Mr. José M. Leavitt

Senior Vice-Principal Grades 7-12 for School Culture and Academic Excellence, Alumni, and Community Outreach

Mr. Leavitt is currently completing his forty-fifth year at Academia del Perpetuo Socorro and upon arriving, he taught Algebra I in eighth grade and social studies in grades five and six. In 1972, he transferred to the high school and has taught World History I, World History II, History of Puerto Rico, Current Events, Ecclesiology, Italian I, and Italian II.


Among the diverse offices held by Mr. Leavitt we find: Moderator of the Student Council, the United Nations Club, the History Club, the National Honor Society, and the Honor Academy, having been this club’s sole moderator since it was created in 1975. He chaired the Social Studies Department for more than twenty-five years and founded the Interschool History and Geography League in 1987, to which fourteen prestigious schools now belong.


In August 1979, Mr. Leavitt became Perpetuo Socorro’s first vice-principal and has consistently performed as such for the pas thirty-five years. He treasures the unique opportunity he has had to motivate and inspire the thousands of students whose lives he has touched as a teacher and school administrator.


José Manuel Leavitt is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, where he received a B.A., first in English Literature and then in History. He has many credits towards an M.A. in History and holds regular licenses in English and Social Studies for both the elementary and high school levels.

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Mr. Luis Sánchez

Associate Vice-Principal Grades 7-8-9

Luis O. Sanchez, graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus where he completed his baccalaureates studies in Education.  He also completed a master's degree in Education with a concentration in Supervision and Administration from UMET.  Luis joined APS in 1987 as a fourth and fifth grade Spanish teacher. 

His dynamic qualities of being a great leader and responsible, denote his unconditional loyalty for the institution. He is an avant-garde professor. In the past he has been the Spanish Department coordinator and moderator of the Elementary School Student Council and member of the school’s administrative team.In 2005, he became part of the High School Spanish faculty as a teacher of regular and advanced courses.  He has also worked as moderator for the National Honor Society and Honor Academy organizations.  He has also been class moderator for the Senior classes of 2010 and 2013.


In May 2016, Mr. Sánchez was appointed to the position of Intermediate & High School Associate Vice-Principal, (grades 7-12). He is the father of three children, all whom were alumni of APS.

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