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Technology & Learning Centers


The Computer Learning Centers, or Computer Laboratories, at the elementary school facilities consist of three laboratories divided by level or grade. The main purpose and function of the APS Computer Learning Centers is to complement, develop, and provide support to the academic curriculum - Spanish, English and Mathematics - with the integration of modern communication technologies. The software programs used in the Learning Centers, such as CompassLearning Classic and CompassLearning Odyssey, provide for individualized instruction, assessment, and accommodation of students with exceptional needs and talents.


The Computer Learning Centers are also used for the Computer Skills Class, from the first through fourth grade. The Learning Centers integrate grade level technology skills into daily instructional activities in alignment with the K-6 curriculum, based on the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). In addition, internet access is available, facilitating online information research and educational website access.


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