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Social Studies Department


As a college preparatory school, Academia del Perpetuo Socorro has designed and offers a number of courses and co-curricular activities that accommodate the needs of students in different subject areas in order to improve their learning capabilities. These exceptional students are addressed by providing a series of activities and strategies that allow them to reach a more complicated tasks and conceptualizations.


In recent years, teachers have allowed students to have access to different communications technologies that can be used in class, such as CPS (remote control assessment tool) and In Focus projectors for power point presentations. Research assignments are given and students are able to complete them in the library and media center which has a fully equipped area with computers, printers, scanners and internet access.


The department provides elementary school students with activities and opportunities to work with a variety of ways of exploring different learning experiences. These activities vary from drawing, preparation of dictionaries, research, role playing, debates, model preparations and collages. For the majority of these activities students work collaboratively and individually. The Social Studies department also provides opportunities for student initiated activities, student directed and teacher directed activities. Students also participate in field trips depending on their grade level.


The Social Studies curriculum meets additional developmental areas needed to form well-rounded students by stimulating their participation and encouraging awareness of personal capacities, thus being able to change their surroundings. Each class is developed to motivate students’ social, emotional and cognitive development through a variety of activities such as group projects, games and debates.


The philosophy and main objectives of Academia del Perpetuo Socorro are primarily centered on a humanistic, multidisciplinary and pragmatic approach through which students are able to develop their intellect within a Christian environment. The school’s objectives are in perfect accordance with the goals of the Social Studies department: to form responsible citizens with strong sense of commitment with their school, the community, their country and the planet. Their constant exposure to different historical periods and movements are definitely decisive in critical analysis and decision making process. These factors provide the necessary tools to undergo a spiritual, mental, moral, social, and physical development that enable them to live full lives, reach their goals, and strengthen their bonds with God.


The Social studies curriculum is constantly enriched with new textbooks as well as e-books and materials. The elementary school curriculum also includes community, family, history of Puerto Rico, United States History and Ancient History that contribute to their social and intellectual growth. The richness of the curriculum definitely surpasses expectations.


Every year the Social Studies department organizes “La Noche de Puerto Rico” that celebrates Puerto Rico’s national heritage. Every four years  mock elections are held where students learn how to vote and understand the process in full.


The use of Interactive white boards, interactive books from first grade to fourth grade, and the future use of interactive books in fifth and sixth grades are among innovative activitiesin the department.


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