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Math Department


The math program is designed to help students build a solid conceptual foundation in mathematics that will enable them to apply their knowledge and further their learning successfully. It is based on the belief that students learn mathematics when they are given opportunities to investigate ideas and concepts through problem solving and are guided carefully into the understanding of mathematical principles.


The program provides diverse opportunities for students by promoting different activities during the school year. They participate in group projects, math drills, and research projects which provide them with the opportunity to work collaboratively. The math curriculum also provides the following opportunities concerning modern communication technologies: Internet videos-Math Live, Power Point, Edline website and Textbook websites, to integrate themselves into this globalized world.


Each teacher develops the class so that different activities stimulate and motivate the students, giving them the opportunity to assume and delegate the use of games, manipulative material, drills and projects to interact socially, at the same time they develop cognitive skills.The mathematics program offers a variety of learning strategies and experiences that will develop the mathematical concepts and skills students need for daily life.




Gloria Benítez, graduate of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico where she completed her baccalaureates studies in Elementary Education. She has also completed a minor in Physical Education and a master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Management and Educational Leadership.


Gloria joined APS in 1985 as a Physical Education teacher.  She also has worked as a Social Studies teacher in second, fourth, and fifth grade.


In 2014 she was named as the Elementary School Academic Vice principal. Her passion, children and working with them, will benefit students and APS greatly.

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