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English Department


The English Department at APS provides the students with variety of opportunities in which they are able to participate and develop their English language skills. At the elementary level students enjoy a variety of activities and the use of the learning centers which enhance their learning process. With the Odyssey Educational Program teachers are able to design individual lessons to meet each student’s special needs. This program allows for students to work at their pace to reinforce skills taught in class.


Some activities that we enjoy at our English Department are Dancing and Singing, Show and Tell, Creative Writing, Reading Centers, Oral Presentations, Plays, Dr. Seuss B-day Celebration at the lower levels. Creative Writing, Grolier Database (Research Papers), Drama/performances at the upper levels. We also participate in the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee at all grade levels in which our students compete with other Catholic schools.


Our English Department is always trying to come up with innovative activities to enhance our students learning experience. Some of these are Cooperative Learning (Cooperative Friday), Kindle Reading Club, Writer’s Workshop, and Writer’s Portfolio. We also enjoy getting parents involved in their child’s learning experience. During our English Week we have our Parent Reader Program where parents or other family members are welcome to come and read to our students.


Here at APS we empower our students to achieve their maximum potential and help them to become well-rounded citizens of society. We offer students with academic, social, cultural, and spiritual experiences to be prosperous in their future learning. As one of the top schools on our island we take pride in providing a high quality education for all our students.


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