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Arts Department


The Art Department strives to support Christian principles and moral values by including topics and activities that promote honesty, honor and understanding. Students become art critics with high moral and catholic values in an environment where they feel free to be creative and interact with their peers, use their God-given talents, and become fully developed individuals.


The Art class is a part of the student's curriculum from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. Students are allowed to work at their own pace and are given extra time to finish. Technology has been used as a teaching and research tool for some years. Such as interactive whiteboards in the classroom which are used daily.


Students work on their projects independently after receiving instructions from the teacher. We also cooperative projects in which students plan and work together creating holiday decorations, school activity posters and other special projects. Through these, they develop decision-making skills, express their talents, and develop their leadership qualities, self-esteem, and artistic identity. Students are encouraged to support and guide each other. Constructive and positive criticism among them is promoted. Students participate in art contests in and outside our school during the year. Although most of the activities in the art program are teacher-directed, students’ ideas and suggestions are frequently accepted in order to change, adapt or improve projects. Students are allowed to help each other on their finished project. Students are grouped and are able to talk and share ideas with their peers and teachers while they work. Teachers follow closely and are part of the students’ development and progress. Students are able to express their feelings and thoughts through their work, and learn about different cultures, artists and techniques. They develop and refine their fine motor skills. Students create and maintain a sketchbook/ journal from third to sixth Grade where they write, draw, keep their thoughts and reflections about their work, thereby developing different means of expression and oral communication skills.

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